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Diamond and CBN Wheels
JPT produces Resin/ Metal Diamond Wheel that is used for maximum performance which reduces production time and increases profits. These wheels help in cutting and grinding various material efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. Bond matrixes are available for dry, mist & flood applications and their advanced bonding technology provides faster cutting and grinding.

Application of Resin bonded wheel / Metal bond wheel

Precision grinding cylindrical, centerless, surface and internal grinding of carbide tools, cutters, dies, gauges, etc. grinding chip breaker grooves Grinding threads in carbide taps and gages Sharpening carbide reamers, drills, inserted tooth milling cutters, etc. Cut - off, slitting, cutting, sintered carbide to size where fast cutting is important. Hand Grinding Sharpening single point tools where fast cutting action is required. Grinding new carbide single point tools on a production basis.
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