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Single Point Diamond Dressers

Single Point Diamond Dressers
The Single Point Diamond Dresser is more versatile which is used for truing and dressing purpose of grinding wheel. The diamond for the single point dressing tools are selected for their structural strength, degree of sharpness & lack of detrimental flaws. The proper selection of single point diamond dresser depends on the dimension of grind hardness, grit size and abrasive type.

Single Point Diamond Dressing Tools Grade:
'A', 'B', 'C': These Stones are Bruted Type Commercial Quality diamonds.
'AA' Class: These Stones are natural polished stones.
'AAA' Class: These are premium grade Gem quality natural diamonds with 2-3 workable points.

Diamond Carat Selection Formula:
1 Carat = 0.2g
(r+R)x0.004 = Carat Size Of Diamond
(Radius+Grinding Wheel Depth)x0.004 = Carat Size Of Diamond.
Application tips :
The diamond point should contact the grinding wheel slightly below its center and at an inclination of 10-15�.
In feed increments of up to approx. 0.01-0.03 mm per dressing operation are possible.
Cooling improves the dressing results considerably and is mandatory for exacting dressing requirements. A strong and continuous flow of cooling medium must be fed to the contact zone prior to the beginning of the dressing process.
Shock-like cooling may destroy the diamond.
There must be a perfect fit between the holder of the diamond dressing tool and the dressing device. Otherwise dimensionally stable dressing with a ture profile is not possible. There is also a risk of the diamond being damaged.
Carefully place the diamond on the grinding wheel.
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