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Chisel Type Diamond Dressers
For Dressing of profile wheels, shaped diamond tools in the form of Chisel Type, Cone, Cubes etc are produced as per specifications. Thread Grinders, Form Grinders, Diaforms and other machines. Nose radius can be on specific enquiry and other details.
Manufactured using specially selected natural diamond of high quality; Chisel Type Diamond Dressers are used on Diaform, Akuform and similar machine.

bullet.gifThere must be a perfect fit between the holder of the diamond dressing tool and the dressing device. Otherwise dimentionally stable dressing with a true profile is not possible.
bullet.gif Carefully place the diamond on the grinding wheel.
bullet.gif Cooling results considerably improves the dressing and dressing is mandatory for exacting requirements. A strong and continuous flow of cooling medium must be fed to the contact zone prior to the beginning of the dressing process. Shock-like cooling may destroy the diamond.
bullet.gif Dressing is performed at a normal or reduced grinding wheel speed.
bullet.gif The increment by dressing infeed stroke may very from about 0.01 to 0.03 mm.
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